72 Different Amazing Internet Marketing Ideas to Make Money Online

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-Patric Chan – best-selling author, CB Super Affiliate & World-Class Marketer —

The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits contains my marketing ideas to make money online, business lessons and all kinds of valuable information for you to start and subsequently, grow your internet business.


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  • How to build your online business with email marketing – Page 5
  • Discover a new method to get targeted traffic – as quickly as within a day! – Page 135
  • What is the secret of creating money on demand” on the internet – Page 94
  • Why learning “old information” can actually help you to achieve success – Page 22
  • The 5 secrets to getting JV Partners to promote your product or do business with you! – Page 34
  • How to position your product in the market so that you will have little competitors and attract customers – Page 101
  • Revealed: The concept of “slow money” vs. “quick money” – Page 91
  • What you’ll need to KNOW before building your email list (nothing to do with any technical matter) – Page 6
  • The 3 valuable lessons I’ve to learn at World Internet Summit – Page 14
  • Discover the real secret about achieving success on the internet… – Page 16
  • What is the 4-step writing formula – Page 48
  • Find out the biggest question you need to answer before creating an information product – Page 97
  • How did a part of sunglasses help me to create a powerful marketing strategy – Page 71
  • What are the 2 types of information products that can generate more money for you – Page 61
  • Is there a SECRET to getting people to give you money – Page 163
  • A simple idea to create top-notch content like the experts – Page 161
  • How to avoid the pitfall of product launch failure! – Page 111
  • The marketing strategy that I use in almost ALL of my marketing campaigns – Page 74
  • Discover the 5 “must-have” factors to get free traffic by giving away your eBook – Page 43
  • What I learn from Microsoft’s business model – Page 150
  • And many more are included in these 196 pages book!




There are 3 core modules of the Build and Profit Home Course…

First ModuleLaunching Your Blog

Second ModuleYour Website Monetization Methods

Third ModuleTraffic Blogging

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